FitMill P1 Plus

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus Image

FitMill P1 Plus

FitPhilia FitMill P1 Plus Motorized Treadmill with 13.3 inch IPS Display Touch Screen and Auto Inclination

4.6 FitMill P1 Plus Rating (85)

5 Customer Reviews


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FitMill Guarantee

12 Months Warranty

Covers any repair or replacement of components which fail under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship

FitMill Doorstep Delivery

Doorstep Delivery

We'll deliver the FitMill to the area in your home where you want to run. Each delivery is handled with professionalism and care

FitMill Simple Assembly

Simple Assembly

Arrives at your doorstep mostly assembled. Your Fitmill will be ready to run in 15 minutes

FitMill Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your FitMill, you can return it within 7 days after delivery (Terms and conditions apply)

Product Description

running surface
121 cm x 45 cm
170 cm x 73 cm x 125 cm
1.5 HP DC, Smooth & Silent
0.8 to 16 Kmph
0 to 15 °
max user weight
110 KG
High Standard Stainless Steel
Power Precision Shock reducing System
pulse sensors
4 X 3W
beverage holder
touch screen
screen size
13.3 inches HD IPS TouchScreen
1920 x 1080
touch type
1.2 GHz Quad Core
1 GB
8 GB
usb/pen drive
mp3 aux in

Top Customer Reviews

FitMill User Jennifer Fernandes

Much more than a treadmill!!

This is a perfectly good compact motorized fold up treadmill, which works just fine. When I bought my FitMill, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I thought I was getting a high tech Treadmill and that's about it. Within minutes of having the treadmill installed and turning it on I could see that life was about to change! Besides the high quality and stunning look of this treadmill, there are amazing trainers who really care about your fitness. I am absolutely in love with my FitMill. Best purchase ever!!!

FitMill User Manisha Mukherjee

So far its the best treadmill. Will return with updates

Just bought this, easy to assemble in 15 minutes and took my first walk! So far it’s great. Will return with updates.

FitMill User Mukesh Thakkar

Best Investment ever

Love this machine! It has great workout programs that truly work. This fits in my room or in dinning area.The assembly service was excellent as well! They were extra kind, helpful, professional and fast!

FitMill User Niyati Save

Good customer service!

I bought this treadmill as a gift for my best friend. The customer executive was very knowledgeable about the treadmill and could not be any nicer and professional. I took all the information and decided that I would purchase the treadmill a few days later and she took care of everything over the phone. FitPhilia, you should keep this employee around because she is an asset to your company. Cutomer service is an important reason for the purchase and because of this I will be buying more in the future.

FitMill User Raj Naik

Totally addictive

I have not had this level of intense workout since my days of cycling crew in college. I get off the treadmill completely dripping with sweat and feeling completely amazing.

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+ What is the difference between a manual and electric treadmill?

There are two main types of treadmills: Motorized and Manual. The belt on a motorized, or power treadmill is powered by an electric motor while with a manual treadmill the runner powers the belt with their footsteps. Generally, non-motorized treadmills are much cheaper. You are advised to purchase a motor driven treadmill if possible, unless you are on a very tight budget. To get the full benefit of your workout, motorized treadmills can be set to a constant speed. You can also use the speed and timing settings to calculate calorie loss, etc. Manual treadmills (without motors), speed up and slow down according to the pace set by the runner, meaning it is difficult to receive a steady workout. Non-motorized treadmills also put a great amount of strain on the on the knees and hip joints. If you are serious about your fitness and want to avoid unnecessary knee and joint injury, then a motorized treadmill is the way to go.

+ Is it good to buy treadmill with a slope inclination?

The percentage of the slope inclination and and how it can be adjusted is an important factor to consider when buying a treadmill. The inclination of the treadmill deck plays an essential part in the burning of calories and the length of endurance. There are three main types; manual adjustment, button or console controlled and automatic. Manual adjustment is at the bottom end of the scale, requiring you to stop your exercise to do so. Button or console controlled means you can change the slope gradient at the touch of a button without interrupting your routine. The automatic adjustment is the best option which often comes in conjunction with a heart rate monitor or programmable fitness routines.

+ What motor speed and horsepower do I need in a treadmill?

Bear in mind when selecting a treadmill that runners and obese users will put a heavier load on the machine. Be sure the motor has at least 1.5 horsepower.

+ How much space does my home treadmill machine require?

Fitness equipment like treadmills can take up quite a bit of space in a room. The average size of a treadmill is around 3' wide by 7' long so expect to devote a large portion of your room to it. However, if you are lacking in space, perhaps consider a collapsible treadmill instead. These space saving treadmills are designed to be folded up and stored away easily. They usually come on runners for easy maneuvering purposes. Generally, folding treadmills can be bought at a much cheaper price as well.

+ Can the FitMill be used outdoor?

Why not, if it is nice weather! However, we do not recommend you to use it outdoors in humid weather or to get sand on it, which could damage the mechanism.

+ Is it important to buy a treadmill equipped with a heart monitor?

Treadmills offer ideal cardiovascular workout routines. FitMill comes with wireless fitness bands which can be programmed to keep your heart rate at a specific level by adjusting the speed, intensity and incline of your workout.

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