Everything you need to know about running a race

So, you have been running a lot, you have gained a lot of stamina and now you think you can up the game by entering in a proper race. Don't worry we are here for you with everything you need to know.

  1. Know the distance you're going to run
    The training you will have to go for a 100m, 400m, 5K run, 10K run or a marathon are all different. You must be very clear about your goals as it depends whether you will train for sprint or endurance.
  2. Know what to wear for the event
    Aside from running clothes which is quite obviously stated, let us talk about footwear. Can you wear road shoes on the track? For sure. Most of the runners do that. Other options are either flats which are lightweight road shoes essentially for running or spikes. Flats are typically best worn when you're working out. So, do your warm up and cool down in your road shoes. And switch to your flats only for the workout.
  3. Know the lane you're running in
    In a race, the lanes due to the with have different total distances. Lane 1 runs 400 metres and Lane 8 runs 453 metres. Ever wonder why you are so much slower on the track than the roads? I bet it's because you're running outside of lane 1. In other words, you are likely running the same pace, maybe even faster. You're just running further but assuming less.
  4. Never shy away from a race
    Practice makes you perfect. Never thinking about winning or losing when you are running. Every minute you will spend on the track running is going to add to your caliber and will make you better prepared for the next run.

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