10 reasons why running is the best exercise

If you're looking to lose weight, there is nothing better than running. Here are 10 reasons why running is the best exercise ever.

  1. Running is Cardiovascular
    Running, like swimming and cycling, is a cardiovascular exercise. This means that it pushes up the body's heart rate over time rather than building muscle through resistance training. In comparison to resistance workouts, cardiovascular exercises burn far more calories per hour.
  2. Calorie Burn
    When it comes to the math of weight loss, calories burned is a popular metric for which exercise is king. A 70kg person running at a moderate pace will burn about 684 calories per hour.
  3. Keeps your joints healthy
    Running regularly keeps your joints moving and reduces the risk of arthritis. By aiding weight loss, it decreases the pressure the on the joints increasing their life significantly.
  4. Prolongs your life
    Researchers calculated that runners have a 30-45 percent lower risk of "all-cause mortality" or, in layman's terms, "dying early." Runners live about three years longer than non-runners, and roughly speaking, each hour spent running adds seven precious hours to one's lifespan.
  5. Improves your mental health
    Running has not only got physical benefits but also mental benefits. A person running regularly is not just physically fit but also is more alert and happy.
  6. Keeps your heart pumping
    Running is particularly good for the heart. A regular runner exhibits low levels of cholesterol than people who don't run.
  7. Enhances your quality of sleep
    Running helps in enhancing the quality of sleep. The body metabolism is boosted by running which helps to set up the sleep cycle of the body.
  8. Doesn't need a whole lot of instruments
    All you need for running is a pair of shoes, a tee and shorts. You can run near the beach or in a park. Those who don't live near the beach or a park can use a treadmill like the FitPhilia Fitmill which helps you make running a habit.
  9. Running's perfect for any fitness level
    You might not be able to just jump into Olympic weightlifting. But you can just wake up one morning and decide to go on your first run. Plus, decades later, you still won't have outgrown it. You can customize every running workout so that you never plateau.
  10. Running can get you high as well
    The runner's high is real: Mounting research shows that when we run, our brains pump out endocannabinoids, cannabis-like molecules that keep runners happy and hooked.

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